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Business Database Programming Diagram
MS Access Programming
Microsoft Access

Expert Access Programmer

Microsoft Access is a database tool for gathering and understanding virtually all your business information like inventory, orders, and contact lists or whatever you’re tracking. It provides a convenient way for data entry, navigation and data extraction for reports, spreadsheets as well as other useful ways to analyze your data.

On its own, with the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine, Microsoft Access is an economical solution for small business projects. But it can also be an excellent low cost user interface for larger business applications where business data is stored in a larger relational database like Microsoft SQL Server.

MS Access can tap into the full power and speed of MS SQL Server, buy executing SQL Server Stored Procedures, from within MS Access, where database queries, T-SQL code and SQL Server Triggers are all executed at the SQL Server, then the results can be used by MS Access to produce reports within Microsoft Access.

SQL Server Programming
Microsoft SQL Server

Expert SQL Server Programmer

Microsoft SQL Server:

SQL Server is a world-class information platform designed to efficiently protect and scale the power of company data across the desktop, device, datacenter and private or public cloud. The basic database capacity is 524,272 terabytes. Utilize the power of T-SQL Code, Stored Procedures and Triggers to develop fully scalable applications to produce meaningful reports, analysis, XML, e-mail (via Database Mail ), text messages and more. Microsoft SQL Sever

Microsoft SQL Server Express:

SQL Server Express is a free edition of SQL Server and is ideal for developing and powering desktop, web and small server applications. It’s the same powerful database engine as the other versions of SQL Server with basic database capacity of 10 gigabytes. Microsoft SQL Sever Express

Business Database Websites
Microsoft ASP.Net

Expert Website Programmer

Robust Business Database Driven Websites:

Businesses typically have their own unique workflows. Even businesses in the same industry rarely use the same business processes so they require a custom website that links to their business databases.

Applications for sales, accounting, inventory, customer management, shipping, POS (point of sale) and other business processes can be accessed by employees and customers with the use a well designed and developed website.

ASP.Net is a great developer platform made up of tools and programming languages for building elegant user-friendly presentations that tap into the power of Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Server Express. ASP.NET

Expertise with Telerik Reporting, an excellent platform for robust reporting on a website platform. Telerik

Specializing in Microsoft Access, SQL Server and ASP.Net development:
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